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August 02, 2007


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morning face

I did it!!! You may have been flying.



I tried to post this as a link on previous comment.

I guess typepad doesn't accept HTML or I don't know what the frogspit I'm doing.

her indoors

i truly enjoyed the laugh that that photo gave me, no no dont get me wrong i meant the second one of you on your broom, and thank you for the tag! will let you know when the dirty deed is done!


Dude, I did this meme a while ago!!! But because I have new digs, for you I will redo the tag and maybe smile this time in the photo!


I know that you were wearing lipstick in that picture. Okay then, but I'm not responsible for any coronaries!


Bon voyage, dear Swampy.
I love the picture-story too. If you ever craft a Swampwitch Flip-book, I'm buying it.


I knew there had to be a great story behind that shiner. Be more careful on that broom now.

What a *horrible* meme. I can't wait to go see everyone. ::smirk::


Don't drink and fly.

That's pretty funny.


Drinking and flying is a definite No-no.


Yeah, those trees jump out with no warning.

Safe travels to you.


Swampalicious, Babe........I STARTED this in our neck of the woods (well, after I was tagged "over there"). I tagged Tiggerlane who tagged Juliebug who viciously tagged you...

But...give me til next week sometime, I think I'll do this again with a bit more edge....

You trollop, you!


HA! Yes, Pamela did her tag, but Vicki did not. For shame, for shame. :)

Okay, Hansman really needs a new GPS. :) We are headed out today.

Sorry I had to delete the Swampy award. It won't be gone for long, WT told me how to fix it. Just like HE told me to delete the bloody blogging chicks blogroll. I just completely overlooked that part of his comment. Sorry WT.


I hope no little children or chickens are present, for the possible pictures associated post will be undoubtedly rated high on the scary meter. :D
*puts a steak on that eye* poor dear... (mmmm...now you have dinner for later)

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