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April 23, 2007


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Oh, deep breath, I panicked for just one moment when I thought that was a feather duster. Then I realized it was witches broom.

I'm okay, smelling salts and all.

Now thats a lot of hair days. -- cept for the Hansman. He doesn't have enough to be bad.

I admit a few of your coifs made me giggle. But most of them were quite lovely, in fact.


If only my bad hair days were as tame as yours, I'd be able to hold my head up higher!


Woo,hoo...I love the braids and beads in the hot love scene in Mexico.


Wow! The braids are fabulous! The pink hair is pretty rockin' too!


I've loved today's posts because we've gotten to see a whole slice of everyone's lives . Great to see so many 'dos and fabulous wigs!!!


oooh, you rook mahvelous dahlink!! I love the pink wig and the short spiky hair too!!

Karmyn R

hee hee - I recognize the mid-80's short coif immediately.

I've always wanted to have my hair braided and beaded - but I guess I'll stick to my boring style instead.

enjoy Kentucky.


Hmmmm, why would I instantly think of you on a "hair day" theme? I have no idea.

Your "DOs" are not bad, just different. I KNEW I could count on you, cutie. Just knew it!

Love the beads and braids...maybe I'll have that done on my anniversary trip. Maybe I'll wait til after ;).


enidd is seriously impressed - what a variety! which did you enjoy most?


Nice new look with the banner! Glad I don't have to go through the torture of yearly school photos anymore. (2 of those were good though...) The most recent picture I have of myself is from the summer of 1993! How did you ever sit still long enough for the beads and braids to be done? Happy travels!


These are fun bad hair days (not really bad in fact your hair is very neat and tidy) the braids and beads are familiar beccy went through that faze.


or even 'phase' if I could spell


Okay, you win fun monday! But I wouldn't classify any of those as "bad" hair days - you look cheery and bright in every picture!


bad hair? I see no bad hair...well, with exception to the 'no hair' moment. LOL
Very cool hair montage, there. :)


Swampy, some of those early pics would definitely classify as Hair Helmut! I do love the pink, orange and green.

Will I recognize you next time you are in Seattle? We are still *on* aren't we?


It's 10:00 p.m. in the Bluegrass State. Just finished feeding 3 college boys (one is a grandson). They range in size from 6'1" - 6'5"...weighing in at about 250 each. I've never seen so much lasagne, salad, bread, and chocolate chip cookies go down the hatch so quickly. First home-cooked meal they had in months.
Thanks for visiting today. Don't know if I'll be able to post back tomorrow or not.


You DO look like a teacher! One I would not misbehave for. I like you best in the photo sporting the red/white/blue flag sweater.


I'm loving your no hair look - you could give Sinead O'Connor a run for her money.


I thought they were supposed to be bad hair day pics? cause I didn't really see any.. some fun hair days though;)

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