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January 01, 2007


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How on earth to you get the Aquaman to cooperated? You have your hand carefully placed.

Happy New Year to you both.


Happy New Year Swampy...

Yummm that looks delicious.


Wow...not quite 2007 and already I seem to be seeing things in a whole new light!!! I really never saw the Hans-man quite that way before!!!
Honestly though, I loved the picture of him with the boys in front of the fireplace.
Happy New Year!


mmmmmmm, looks good! Hungry.

I like your dogs BTW what kind are they?

And those costumes! The blue dress is really quite scary!


Every year I say I'm going to bed early and getting up early.

Maybe this year I will.

Happy New Year again!


JANET: AquaMan is usually-fairly cooperative. The hand placement reminds me of the Lampoon's Christmas vacation scene when the cop said, "Freeze." Her hand was just a wee bit lower on Clark's body.

DubYaT: Happy New Year to you in the beautiful land of Australia. The food is delish.

EQUONI: Look carefully at the photo by the fire...notice the ears on both and tell me what you see.

NICKEROO: Thanks for the visit. The dogs are Boxers and a wonderful breed especially with children. We have 3, but I'm sorry to report that Junior is not doing well after being diagnosed with lymphoma 3 weeks ago.
BTW, I have not successfully been able to sign in on L.I.V.E. at your place. Any suggestions?

PAMEALA: Well, did you keep that resolution of "Early to Bed, Early to Rise?"

Susan in va

My New Years resolution is that at some point during the year 2007, I will no longer be changing diapers! I have been changing diapers for 2,712 CONSECUTIVE days! I feel confident that 2007 is the year that this activity will cease to exist!



SUSAN: Have you discussed your New Year's Resolution with the Poop Provider? Seems to me that when you make a 'joint' resolution, both parties must be willing participants in the effort. Isn't it amazing that your daily schedule is determined by poop, someone else's?
2,712 days? But whose counting? Happy New Year to you and yours.


P.S. Susan: Where do you find the awesome graphics like you have on your post today?
One of my resolutions, A-hem, I don't make those, is to learn how to do more with my blog.


WOW are they boxers? I had a flat mate who owned a bower and it looked soooo different... probably cause he was horribly skinny whilst yours look loved and well nourished!

Messanges on Windows need you to register...I have concluded...:-( I put the link up on my page. It should be pretty straight forward, if not I'LL HAVE TO BLOODY WELL MOVE HOUSE and that AIN'T GONNA BE PRETTY!!

Hehe, BTW Happy New Year in American time!!


Aw, Swampy, LOVE the poem, and we *heart* you, too!!

Happy New Year to you and the HansMan!!


Oh my God, is that your house?! It looks like some sort of gorgeous winter lodge.

PS. Nice legs.


NICKEROO: The dogs are Boxers and spoiled rotten ones at that. I will take a course on how to follow your instructions to comment at your place. I'm just now learning how to post on mine. BUT, I will make that one of my New Year's resolutions: Learn to post a comment at Nickeroo's Place.

STEPHANIE: Thank you and Happy New Year to you, too from theHansMan and me. I look forward to reading more of your profound statements and enjoying your song-writing prowess this year.

JENNY: I'll tell theHansMan you like his legs. Yes, that is our house. Thanks. I'll am diligently looking for an armadillo ring. Now what kind of contest do I have to win to get one of those?


Oh, and our New Year's Tradition: blackeyed peas (for luck), cabbage (for good fortune), and cornbread ('cause, well, this is Texas). My step-mother is from Indiana and added gingerbread for sweetness in the New Year, but even after 30 years I'm still getting used to it.

Jenny, come on over. I'm cooking!

Mist 1

A good leg waxing never killed anyone. Nice dress.


STEPHANIE: We love cabbage, too...cooking it with the pot roast today. I love gingerbread, but it doesn't like me, so we just make houses and men with the dough and look at what we've made rather than eat it. And if you're going to use The Asylum to invite people over to your place, you better invite theWitch.

MIST 1: That WAS after the waxing. And I'm sure he'll let you borrow the dress anytime you want to proposition the guys in the plumbing aisle or share your ear buds with the guy sitting next to you on the plane.

Karmyn R

Happy New Year! I could do with cornbread!!!

New Years Resolutions? Lose 30 lbs - I say that while eating the last of the Almond Roca.


KARMYNR: I just finished off the Almond Toffee. Touche (the e has that little mark over it.)


Whatta picture! I'll let Hans borrow my razor...no, wait, I'M GIVING it to him!

Loved the picture of the table/Hans/fireplace...can I come visit? And EAT!???

It looks like to me, you HAVE learned how to do a LOT with your blog! You have waaaay surpassed any "ability" I have :/. Maybe that should be my resolution, too ;).


Swampy, you're always welcome to come over when I'm cooking, but Jenny's right next door, so the travel is not as cumbersome for her. Unless she's been into the Zima. Then we just prop her up on one of Hailey's or Bethany's scooty toys and roll on!

But, I digress...

I'm making gumbo next weekend. Come on over!!!


ROBIN: We'll be waiting for the razor to arrive...maybe a commercial-sized one while you're at it. I'll be trying to learn a little at a time on this glob-thing.

STEPHANIE: Oh my, I had no idea that the two of you were within spitting distance of each other. I'm sure that's a lively neighborhood. The next time we are in Houston, I'll give you fair warning. Thanks for the invite for gumbo...nothing like someone "threatening" for an invitation, Huh?


LOL love the pic it's great!!! would april 6th be ok or would you need another day? Take care!!


I've got no "real" resolutions, but I would like to continue to cultivate this.. different way of thinking. It seems to be working so far.

As for the "photo" from Trinidad... looks like you got yourself a wife... does she do laundry?


WOLFBABY: Will comment about the date back at your place so I'll know you received it.

MARNIE: Yes, your different way of thinking seems to work for the rest of us, too. As for the laundry, I'm trying to 'warsh' the dress with her in it...seems she's too large for the front (end) loading.

Mike Mikey

Looking for info about buying two sister or brothers doggies, tripped over this, and know because of that boxer dog going away, i cryed, thanks alot! Kidding, but did have a tear, what awesome dogs!!!!!!!!!!

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