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January 22, 2007


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Sweet Birthday homage! Happy Birthday Brooke!


Happy Birthday Brooke--my favorite name in the world--it's my daughter's name too!


Please add my Birthday wishes to the chorus!

Mary (mert)

That was beautiful, Swampy! Happy Birthday Brooke, and Happy Birth Day Momma. :O)


wow.... thats alot of pictures loading for Brooks Birthday wish.

She really was upset when she was born.. just look at her howl. Oh I love newbies.


How beautiful these pictures are!! What a nice blog! Have added you to my favourites - Hope you don't mind! Erik

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

Happy Birthday Brooke.

Love the pictures.


Wow, Swampy, WHAT A TRIBUTE! Lovely gift for Brook (Happy Birthday from Tennessee!!)

Between scanning these pictures and linking all those songs in your last post, I don't see how you've had time to use the bathroom or eat or drink coffee! You go, bloggergirrrrl!


Beautiful walk down memory lane for your daughter. She's a beauty like her mother.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You have to stop making me cry at work Mom!!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes! It made me feel VERY special!! I love you!! I can't wait to see you and LAW next month!!


You have 2 beautiful daughters. . .

Happy Birthday Brooke!


Beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday. I love your birthday tributes.


What a beautiful and touching tribute! Happy birthday to you, Brooke. And happy birthing day to you, my friend.


Beautiful daughter!

The picture of her crying as a new born made my eyes water.


Oh my, I don't even know you IRL, but you made me tear up! Wonderful tribute. Love the photos! What a beautiful daughter.

~*~*Happy Birthday!~*~*


What a beautiful daughter! and beautifully told. Thank you so much for sharing the memories and photos, just lovely. D :)

her indoors

happy birthday, wow what a beautiful family you have


Thanks to ALL of you for taking the time to wish Brooke-ums a Happy Birthday. Like she said...they made her feel special. My "front door" post will be up tomorrow.


What wonderful pictures...you have posted a beautiful family photo album. Your picture of Brooke in the stove reminds me of our son crawling in the stove drawer at about the same age...ah the memories.


I don't know if it's 'cause that was just so darned sweet or if it's 'cause I've got a daughter, too, but I'm just sittin' here all weepy now.

You have a beautiful family, Swampy!!


Happy Birthday Brooke.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I had a great Birthday!!

Pretty lady

What a wonderful memories in pictures you shared with all of us, Thank you!!! She is so beautiful and talented!!! Great looking family!


Misty eyes, blink blink blink.

I bet she is a wonderful Mommy... and I bet it has a lot to do with her wonderful mommy!

I'm late, but Happy Birthday to Brooke!

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