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January 06, 2007


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That made perfect sense. It's like Cockney, Okie style. Beautiful pictures, again. I'm becoming terribly jealous of your snow. Damn you, El Niño!


Wall I'll be, didn't know that Poag Mahone meant Kiss my arse. Gute snow art.
7 deer? You might need to circle em in pink, like I dit my eagle.


Can't say I miss having snow this year. You know how long I have to be outside shoveling that much snow here. Kids got to get in the school. At least your snow stays white longer than ours does.(Ours lasts about an hour after it stops snowing) Can't wait to enjoy it in person. 4-5-25

Susan in va

Mayonnaise shur a lot of snow in Oklahoma!

Translation: Man! There is sure a lot of snow in Oklahoma!

Hope you got guitars on yer car.

Translation: Hope you've got good tires on your car.

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

Wow. You look like you live in heaven.

I use the word "wholenother" too...I lived down south for a few years, but I don't think that counts. I don't know where I got it from.


Yeah, y'all tahk jus lahk uhlotta Texayns Ah knoh. Hee!

Only here when we are going to do something, we're "fixing" to do it. As in:
"Ah'm fixin' to goduhdah sto-er. You'ont annithang?"
Translation: I'm fixing to go to the store. Do you want anything?

Unless you're from rural Texas. Then you say,"fiddin-tah," as in:
"Ah'm fiddin-tah go mayeeke groh-shries. Wohnt meda cahrrie yuh?"

Translation: I'm fixing to go make groceries. Want me to carry you?

Which means: I am going to the grocery store. Would you like to ride with me?

Yeah. Whole nother language.


Oh, BTW, the pics are incredible. The cow's skull looks like an angel when it's covered in snow. Or is that kool whip?


My husband is from Southern Illinois and I've heard many a conversation that sounded exactly like that. For the first 5 years or so, I just sat there like a deer in headlights trying to figure out what was being said without the help of a translator.

Beautiful pictures!


Love your abstract snow art pictures! And I love the drawl. Being born and raised in the Northwest, I haven't heard a lot of accents - and I love them all. Now that we travel a little - it's one of the things I enjoy. We went thru Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana on our way back from going East, to go South (did you follow that?), and I'd just stand in gas stations and resturants and listen to the locals talk - and smile, a lot.


Yep. I know what a water moccasin is. And you ought to hear Pittsburghese. (Jeet jet?)

Oh, crud. I can't put HTML in my comment. There's a website, http://pittsburghese.com

Check it aht!


Love all the pictures of the snow. So glad I'm here. :)

I understood the whole conversation, how sad is that!!

Hope your weekend is going great.

Karmyn R

I could only understand if it I spoke aloud with an accent added to my speech. heh heh.

Great shot.

I am going to have to post one of my "misunderstood" moments.


Swampy, what's your recipe for abstract snow?


I want some snow. Can you send some my way? It was 70 here today. We considered opening the pool.


I recall my first moment in Delaware (which I didn't realize was a southern state)...
my daughter took me into a wal mart to buy diapers for her wee ones.

There were four elderly men (Af-Am) sitting at a table there.

I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stand there and listen to them talk. I was mesmerized.


MARK: Cockney, Okie style. Now that's a combo.

GAYLE: Ya learn sumpin' new everyday. Be sure you are looking at the photo below the question, not above for the deer.

BLKHART: Be sure to call theHansMan so we can reserve the Bunkhouse. Swampwitch's B&B...make your own bed...make your own breakfast.

SUSANinVA: Are you sure you aren't from a more suthin' state?

JANET-MOM: There are MANY people who use "wholenother" and have never thought about what they are actually saying.

STEPHANIE: I'm surprised you didn't break out into song with this one, but the dialog was great. By golly, that does look like and angel and yes, it's Kool Whip.

JILLYD: Always helpful to have a translator close at hand with Sutherners. I think Radio Shack should have one of those hand held kinds like they do for Spanish, French, etc.

JACKIE: Sounds like you use the same map theHansMan does.

ALI: Great link. Thanks !

BRIAN: Thanks ! You have a great weekend, too.

KARMYNR: "misunderstood comments"...that what 95% of all my comments are. Can't wait to see your post.

MARK: Whipping cream, sugar, and bourbon.

NESSA: Would be glad to Fed-Ex some to you, but you can use the above recipe and make your own.

PAMELA: It is pretty entertaining when you aren't around it.

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