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January 18, 2007


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wonderful post swampy.
I loved every letter of it.

Now I know my ABC's... next time won't you sing with me...



You outdid yourself on this one, Swampy!!

And not even one mention of a testicle!! Whee!!


What a fun post, I love seeing all the pictures again and the little tip about note taking was awesome, I will have to try that with my son.


You. rock.

Seriously, I want to be your best friend, Cruella. Please tell me that wasn't Halloween. Tell me you just decided to dress up as a villain for the day.


Hey no fair! Nobody said anything about philosophical wisdoms or learning tools! This is great! I love it all--now get some sleep. I know how hard you worked.
Classic, classic, classic post.

Mist 1

I read this post backwards as a sobriety test.


PAMELA: Yes, I'll sing with you. *swampMitch wanders off aimslessly humming"

STEPAHNIE: Duly Noted...and Revised ! Thank You. How could I forget such an important honor that was bestowed upon me?

SKYDANCER069: My girls are grown, and gone, with kids of their own...and we still do this when we're together.

JENNY: Nope, that wasn't Halloween. That was one of the "funnest" days of my life. I stayed in character for about 15 hours and loved every minute of it. Think I'll do it again real soon. And yes, you can be Cruella's best friend...we'll attend Testicle Sorority Meetings together.

MIN: Thanks for the visit. Yes, it was a lot of work, but I had fun with it. Also, haven't you noticed? I make up my own rules!
*Y-A-W-N* I'm going back to bed now.


MIST1: Actually, I composed the post backwards. I knew from the beginning what my -Z- would be, so I started from there. Well, I did meander around quite a bit, too.
So, are you sober?


Holy patoots Swampy. I got plumb wored out readin' all dem big words. Shor was nice of ye ta do all dat fur yur friends. ;)

Susan in va

What a wonderful post! I enjoyed it immensely.

But, I must say - the similarities between you and my DH are amazing. He's an obsessive compulsive list maker, and he wants our refrigerator to look just like yours! He's not lysdexic, though. I guess the silimarities edn there. HA!


BRIAN: Holy patoots backatcha ! I injoyed doin' it fur me friends. Glad yew injoyed it. Come on back, ya heer?

SUSANinVA: I'll mail you the refrigerator...complete with the magnetic frames, minus the pics, of course. When do you want it to arrive? Two OCD list makers in the same room for any amount of time will drive everyone else bonkers. Especially if one is lysdexic. Eventually, those two will drive each other bonkers.


Nikos Kazantzakis is my all-time favorite writer. I heard somewhere (maybe my head) that he's regarded as one of the top three writers of human history.

Mary (mert)

Were you seriously on the Daily Show? Too funny. I hope you weren't interviewed when Colbert was on the show, he's kinda sneaky LOL! Great post. :O) I don't think I could have come with something for every letter.

Karmyn R


My questions are: So - did you break one of your newly done nails??? Did Jon Stewart actually interview you? Did you show him your broken nail? hee hee


MATT: Kazantzaski (2/18-83-10/26/57 )was the most important and most translated Greek writer and philosopher of the 20th Century. I used his works in developing much of my curriculum.

MARY(MERT): Yup! I really was on The Daily Show. The interview was "The Last Resort" done by Rob Corddry. 11-05-04 He was a riot and probably sneakier than Colbert.


KARMYNR: We were posting at the same time. I made that statement during the interview with Judy Mueller with ABC News thinking that the cameras and mikes were off. It was an off-the-cuff remark. When it aired with Elizabeth Vargas, that was the part of the interview they used to close the clip. I almost croaked when I saw it because I had no idea they were filming when I made that statment. During one of the trainings with Rob Pincus at Valhalla, I did knock him through a wall that had to be replaced. Didn't even break a nail...except the one in the wall. That's the part of the clip that The Daily Show "people" picked up on...the dichotomy. Was intervied by Rob Corddry who, as I mentioned above, was so much fun.


KARMYNR: P.S. You are a pretty clever sleuth. I'm impressed that you found and read that.


Great post and so much fun to read!! I loved the quote from Zorba the Greek which, much to my dismay, I must admit I am totally unfamiliar with. A new book for my reading list!


I guess H now stands for Horse condom.


Very Cool! You did a good job. Creative too.

Prayers for Ben's return and all our troops. May peace be soon.

Hans, what a guy. I would have read the note once, put some x's and o's on iy and gone to the bar. The guy is a saint!

I sing melodies of songs, any song, and use the alphabet, in order, and with the number of syllables for each letter, as the words to the song to see if it will end on "Z"

Now, top that!

Testicle Society? Hmmmmm.... I don't think I wanna know :-)


So many good ideas here to steal. I love the butterfly story and a hint I need. I like the journal idea.


SONGBIRD: Glad to know something on this post was 'helpful.' Enjoy his writings.

MIN: Thanks, but I think I disqualified myself with my "misandrist" comment. Was that a horse condom or a kangaroo condom? I can never tell the difference.

SPADONMAN: I hope you post a song sometime so we can sing along with you because I can't top that. Yeah, theHansMan is a part-time saint. Testicle Sorority? Something about them hanging from someone's ceiling. I won't name names, but her initials are M.I.N. And, a comment about a Testicle Festival at the Tumbleweed in Oklahoma complete with music. And, last but certainly not least, thanks for thinking about Ben.

NESSA: You don't have to steal them. Just use 'em and pass on the ideas to someone else.

Weekends Off

Hi Swampy! I love your list, especially the notes to your hubby and his replies! Good stuff!!!!


Have you told us about "V" before? Cause I sure don't remember that. Waaaayyyy too cool, Swamp-a-rella!

I was SURE you're "R" was going to be re-cycle...or Robin...because I'm a self-absorbed narcissist. (I haven't forgotten our "challenge", but I've been a bit ...distracted...lately...:) ).

Loved the way you handled this, I think your fridge is magnificent!


I loved the abcs of llife.. that was a nice list!! and do you know thats kinda funny but I keep a journal for my kids.. where i write ot them about funny things they did are what they are doing at what age...


That was fantastic!!! I'm so glad the Pilots made an appearance again.

They are super cute.

Pretty lady

WOW!!! You are so talented, This is a great and fun post, I am glad you stopped by my blog because I am so happy now reading yours, I will come very often, you have great things to share!!! Thanks!!!

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