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December 03, 2006


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You must have been hard pressed to keep the list to to 6, oh wait not you didn't, you just went to letters.

Here's a question: How do yo know when Swampy is going to say something weird.
A: Her lips start to move. (yuck yuck.)


Yipee I get to do a PS!!!

Your banner hadn't loaded when I was commenting so I didn't see it. That's really nice, much better than the other one, that one gave me vertigo.


tagged - oh no.
I better do this one cuz I lost the last one you sent my way.
Look for it in a few days. I'm going to have to ask the hubby if there is anything weird about me.

I like the new banner, too.


That is a FAB banner photo.

And I am in awe of your Cruella pic. That is amazing. Was that for Halloween?? Truly a work....I would vote best costume for you!!!
Thanks for doing the tag. Glad you are back sweetie. I can't wait to be added to your list of bloggers that you've met.


Hi Swampy! I haven't been around in a bit but I took a chance today. Funny, I have you blogrolled but it never shows me when you have a new one up. I've been thinking you haven't posted lately! Boy was I wrong!


Quick note to Di, make sure you changed the Swampy's blogroll address typepad instead of Blogspot. That has been an a problem with some others. Hopefully that will work.

Okay, I did this once but there were only 5. Guess I will dig that out and add one. It will be in a few days because this is dead week and next week is finals.

Glad you are back!

Oh, I LOVE the new masthead/banner. ;)


DUBYA T: I know. I know. Only SIX (6)? But did you notice I kept my numbers AND letters in order this time?
"Yuck" "Yuck"...that's what I said when I tried Vegemite...Glad you like the banner and you aren't suffering from vertigo any longer. JulieBug had something to do with that...Thank her.

PAMELA: Thanks. I like my new look, too. Thanks, to JulieBug who happens to be spitting out wine today. Go look.

PAM: Thanks for voting me best costume. I had so much fun that day. It was a Lions' Club Parade in February. Most of the kiddos loved me, but I scared the bejeebus out of a few. Not shown was a real, live Dalamation that walked with me.

DI: Whoops! I've missed seeing you around. Julie explained it in her comment just below you. Will be by today to see what's going on. I haven't been visiting much lately.

JULIEBUG: OK, you get a reprieve and only have to list ONE weird thing about yourself.
Your post today will work just fine...
Here's our friend Julie..
Spitting out her wine...
Look at this...
I made a rhyme!
Like the new look? Thanks for changing it for me. ;)


I love these little tid bits about my blogger friends and getting to know them better. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Swampy,
You have changed the look of your blog since my last visit. I like the new look. Your weird things list is fun. I especially like the great hairdos including the "bald is beautiful" and Cruella. That is not Al Gore shaving your head is it?


MICHELLE: When Pam tagged me, I knew I would post the Weird Things, just didn't know out of all of them, which ones to use. Using the pictures was a last minute decision, but decided they were just too funny not to share. Hopefully, they gave a few smiles today.

MJD: Al Gore? LOLROTFLOLROTFLOL! Gasp !That's great. No,just a long-lost friend who came to my rescue the day I went 'over the edge' trying to keep up with the hair-loss thing. After trying to vacumn all the hair off my head, I gave up and just shaved it off.


Love the new header! It's fun getting to know our fellow bloggers. . .

We had a swamp cooler when we lived in CO - I remember one time that there was a bull snake trying to get up in it. . .UG!


ack tagged! okay, I am all over it for tomorrow....................maybe :)

swampy, you are weird! but in a lovable kinda way


Hi SW,

Love the meme especially the brian part. :)

I don't drink, but I'd have to, to eat that fruitcake.

Susan in va

EEEK! A tag!!! But, wait....I may have done something like this before. I'll have to go back and see if I can dig it up. I know it won't be nearly as weird as yours (that was meant to be a compliment).


SHAUNA: I'm not sure my product will work on a bull snake, but I don't plan to conduct an experiment with one any time soon.

BARNGODDESS: Sorry you are having a not-too-good-day at your place. The pictures are great.

BRIAN: You don't know how many times I type BRAIN instead BRIAN...almost as many times as I type GLOB instead of BLOG. I think I remember you mentioning you've had one drink and it was because you thought it was water...that must have been quite a wake up call.

SUSAN: A-w-w-w...as creative as you are, I'm sure you can entertain us with something. And, yes, I took it as a compliment.


I have issues with word verification boxes too.


I may have done this ages ago...

But I am full of weird.

I will do this tomorrow, without fail. Tonight I am going to try to catch up on my blog reading. I've been neglectful!


ohmigod. That picture of you as a little girl looks so much like the little girl in the movie Amelie!!


I have dyslexia, too, and the word verification makes me crazy.

I don't teach children anymore (officially, anyway) but I develop training programs here at work and teach adults and I use the same concepts. Works very well once you've figured out someone's learning style.

I'm going to see if I can track down your website.

And you really have a hair thing, don't you.

Pioneer Woman

These were fun, and I can not BELIEVE how much you look like your oldest in that middle picture. It gave me goose bumps!


Swampy, I remembered you tagging me for this, then I came to read your post, then I saw the list of people and it DIDN'T include me :(, then I went back to search my comments to make sure it was you who tagged me, then I realized that's what you meant by me "mysteriously disappearing" from your list (queue the Twilight Zone musak!).

Anyways, LOVED your list & photos, I think you ROCK as Cruella, I bow to your costume-wearing prowess!

Me likey your new header, too...how thoughtful of you to share with your readers all those "finer points" of A, A & A, that many a newer reader must ponder, lol. Your letter categories after the number ones was a brilliant way to dish some more Swampnews.

I'm gonna do this today (when I'm done visiting a few friends I've been neglecting).

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