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December 13, 2006


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HEY....I'm first. I am so dang excited I can't think of anything funny or witty.
Black diamonds in OK? Ya sure??? They got hills that big? Or were you in CO or NM?

Great story. I will NEVER understand why people take beginners up to anything other than a green. *shakes head*
I'll teach you SW...I am a good teacher and have lots of references. I was also Ski Patrol so I can save you if you need me to.
(can't put up my heart from this computer...pooh)


PAM: Ya mean you've never been skiing in OK? And it wasn't that I was a beginner, I was a slow learner. :) You head west and I might "renounce" that promise I made that day..only if you'll wear you Ski Patrol outfit. I'll see if I can find my raspberry puffy one.


What's wrong with you, crazy woman? Lifts should only be used to get up and down to the bars. And snow is only to look at through a picture window, totty in hand.


thank god for those nice men in red jackets with white crosses...you mad woman, you.


It's sade, because I live in such a wonderful place for skiing and snowboarding, but never fail, I always end up sitting on the offending ski's or snowboard and skuttle-butting my way down the hill.

Some pre-schooler always zips by me, spraying me with powder.

You are not alone.


Did the ski think as a teenager and young adult... and then it was just tooo much trouble when I got older and busy and uncomfortable when I got cold.

I remember taking out a whole line of a ski class once, just like bowling pins


Hey Swampy, you missed your chance to have input into the name of my blog...too bad.


I love to ski! Not good by any means and get really pissed when 3 year olds fly by me! Oh well, my first trip to the slopes was HORRIBLE. . . And, right there by you! I told Birddog, after being other places, that I don't want to go back to Wolf Creek. . .


NESSA: I know that about what the lifts are for now. People just look at me funny when I get on them with no skis.

JEN: I just love men in uniform. Especially ones who are there to save me.

MARNIE: Where have you been? Thanks for letting the entire universe pimp your blog. What a great idea for a post. I've decided to take up snow boarding. There's more room to sit on them than on a ski.

PAMELA: I think I saw you the day you went bowling down the slope. As I remember, you knocked down all 10 plus a few more.

DubYaT: I missed it. Sorry. But why are you having a vote for what to name your blog? You're going to name it what you want to anyway. I have a great idea, but you wouldn't like it.

SHAUNA: Why go all the way to Wolf Creek when there are slopes all around you in Oklahoma. Haven't you heard of them?


No, that wasn't a typo: swampmitch
It's sing along with SwampMitch
Check out Julie's place for the
"The 15 Days of Christmas" or some such nonesense:


we have black diamond runs in Okla? where?!?!! I am grabbing my rossignols as I type!!!


Well SW, I grew up in Wis. and I am proud to say that I have never strapped on a pair a skies. :)

Hope you have recovered. ;)


This is a great story! Those signs would make lovely yard ornaments. Just lovely.


BARNGODDESS: You're grabbin' your what? Run Mr. Barngoddes, Run!

BRIAN: Oh, that was years ago. And thanks, I haven't recovered.

VICKI: I hope the girls like them. I thought it was a lovely gift, too.


"This one, rather vivid moment will remain etched in my brain for as long as I shall live. Maybe longer."

LOVED that line and ALL that it implied.

This is what would happen to me if I did take my kids skiing; that's why I don't. That, and not much real snow nearby, and who wants to ski on ice? It is almost difficult to exercise restraint in your (ahem) language when you're seeing you life pass before your eyes! Glad you lived to tell :), and boy, did you tell it delightfully.

Must see photos of the new yard art. I think this is the best present I've ever heard of.


I nearly got killed on a ski lift in Vermont when it actually stopped after the last run and I was caught in the middle of nowhere next to some snowmakers.

I swung down from the footbars and dropped 12-14 feet, luckily not breaking anything for the rest of the hike down the mountain. (I was an employee at the time.) Now, I am the vacationer....


I loved skiing even though I was a disgrace to the sport...have you tried skiing on one leg? hehe...ok, that was as I was learning...but eventually, I busted my knee. And I nearly got run over by a stupid 12 year old as I was lying in the snow grasping my leg..."owowowowow!" I'm glad her dad was right behind her and yelled at her!


MATT: Glad you weren't seriously injured. I love Vermont. Have never skiied there, obviously, but love the "atmosphere." Were you anywhere around Smuggler's Notch?

CLAUDIA: How is the knee these days? Those kids are something else...especially the snowboarders.

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