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November 10, 2006


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What great names! Love them.... Here is hoping that she has a very easy delivery. :) HMMMMM I would think elmo would be everywhere~! He was so popular. I am sure with Christmas coming up there will be a huge stock of them. Hope you find one.


MYSTI: Yes, there are lots of Elmo's out there... but we are looking specifically for Tickle Me Elmo because he is more like a stuffed toy instead of having a rigid "interior" as most of the others have. Junior just likes it when Elmo wiggles and giggles and sings to him.


hey.. You guys are gonna have your own REE

Poor puppy dog .... My Karl Von Schwarz had cancer and we went thru treatment twice.
The third time, I just let him rest until that day came when I knew he couldn't go any further.

Dogs become such a part of our lives. God gave them to us, so I'm sure He expected us to love them.


Swampy, one Christmas, I bought it for my nephew thinking he'd like it. He was completely terrified (while I just loved it...) I'll ask my mom if it's still stashed away somewhere...however, if my nephew does play with it now, Jr will have to wait until he heads back to Italy without Elmo.... I'll let you know either way.


I'll have to look this weekend....we may have a plain tickle me Elmo. Both my kids went through an Elmo stage so the chances are good :)


Oh good luck and an easy and safe delivery for momma and baby! Very exciting.

Poor Junior, I'll keep an eye out. We just gave a way an Alphabet Elmo, but we never had Tickle Me.

Have a great weekend Swampy!


Steven Novak

A dead Elmo...




Love the names!
Here's to a smooth and safe delivery:)

Aww poor Junior.
I love that he has a fave toy,what a great dog!

Susan in va

I thought that I had a Tickle Me Elmo somewhere. It may be under a large mountain of neglected toys in our playroom. Junior, if I find it, I will mail it to you little buddy! You hang in there!


I hope no toddlers see this pictures--they'll be traumatized for life.

Sorry, no Elmo's here I could send you. He drives me crazy.

Wystful 1

Hi!! Wow, Junior is just so sweet looking! I love him already! And in regards to the Tickle Me Elmo....doe Wal Mart still have them? Seems I've seen them around here in the Coastal Bend, but not exactly sure of which kind they are!

Sorry to hear of his illness tho. How sad!! I'm sure he's a big part of the family's membership!

Wonderful names chosen...and an early congrats for the new baby!!

Thanks for stopping by with you visit from the blogroll. I hope to see more of your visits from here on out.

Now, gotta go read more of your blog. Sounds to me like we could be blogging friends!!

Happy weekend.

Wystful 1

I'm sorry to barge in here again, but I really had to laugh at your hubby's favorite food....fried spam and creamed corn!! Ironic, MY hubby loves fried spam also, AND creamed corn.




Junior is a pretty puppy. I hope he finds Elmo.

Karmyn R

Poor Junior. That breaks my heart.

Karmyn R

Poor Junior. That breaks my heart.

Karmyn R

ACK! Two comments? Um - I missed the word verification, so it gave me another one. Obviously, it didn't care that I had missed it and posted both. Typepad - you have your own little freaky bugs.


We will be out and about tomorrow so I will keep my eye out for one.


PAMELA: Our own Ree? You aren't serious are you? Will it come with an instruction manual? And yes, our dogs do become companions with unconditional love.

CLAUDIA: Thanks for checking...Junior will appreciate it.

REDNECKGIRL: Oh, we hope you find it. Any Elmos sent, we will reimburse you and pay the postage.

LWTLSOHH: You have a great weekend, too.

STEVE: Well, maybe a dead Barney, but I can't love a dead Elmo. He's too popular at our house.

LAEL: Yes, Junior is a wonderful dog.

SUSAN: Junior is hanging in there and hasn't had any real side effects from the drugs. He is still eating and drinking.

MOMTO3CUBS: Oh, I certainly hope I haven't tramatized anyone.

WYSTFUL: Thank you for visiting. And yes, I think we could be blogging buddies as we seem to have so much in common...fried spam and cream corn-eating husbands. I can't believe you spent the time to go back into the archives to read that. Thank you.

VANESSA: With the help of these bloggers, I have faith we will find an Elmo for Junior.

TO ALL: Thanks for all you good wishes about the baby. We expect it to arrive November 12.


KARMYNR: You don't know how happy it makes me to see someone else post 3 comments...I do that all the time. And yes, they all have their bugs...makes me buggy.

GAWILLI: Thank you for watching for an Elmo. We hope you see one.


update...Yes, Mom still has him and the little one has no interest. Just say the word and I'll get Elmo to you!


I am so behind on reading my blogs.. five more days and I will keep up on a regular basis again.. i miss my blogs.. going through withdraws... your so funny... poor baby misses his elmo... take care..


I once had a dog that tore apart an entire couch while we were away at work. Damn. I wish I had a video camera to record that one.


I'll keep a look out for you!

how little Elvis has a 'hunching' monkey......um I wont go into detail about THAT.


that was our little Elvis not HOW, omg I cannot even type today either........back to bed for moi


Well, I love the names! I hope it is a girl cause Reese Elizabeth is just adorable. I was going to ask how Momma is doing, but I think I should ask how you are doing? Did her sister ever make it there?

I will be hunting for Elmo. And if you are donating the left overs to Toys for Tots, I might get two! :)

Sorry we lost connection the other day! Glad you like your changes.


CLAUDIA: Thanks for the e-mail. I have responded with the info. Junior will be so happy.

WOLFBABY: I will not have a cornpooter for about 5 days. Am going to try the Typepad Posting option to see if it will work for me.

MATT: Too bac you didn't have a camera set up when the dog ate your couch. That would have been worth $10,000 on AFV.

BARNGODDESS: Yes, I have that typing lysdexia ALL the time. One of my daughters has a Jack Russell Terrorist that also has one of those "hunching" toys...and you best keep you arm away from him, too.

JULIEBUG: You are the best. I love the changes. Thank you. Momma is doing fine. She goes in at 7:00 a.m Sunday morning. Sister arrived yesterday from KY. Gammy(GaGa) is lovin' every minute of being here, except for the wind. And yes, if you can find two Tickle Me Elmo's we will donate any extras. We plan to keep a couple for Junior. Hey, I don't want that 10th Anniversary TME that costs $199.99, OK?


I hope you find one. I will be on the lookout for one. I know my brother had one for his son years ago but I don't know if they still have it.

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