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November 30, 2006


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I'm groaning. with grins and giggles
How much more fun than getting Elmo in the mail for your dog.


Awww, so sweet. Plush toys don't last long in our house. Well, except for one. Sounds like a post huh? Well, someday.


Gald to hear that Junior is doing well and that they are both happy with their new Elmos.
It is refreshing to see people coming together to help one another, that is how it use to be and how it should be.


((((Hugs))) To all of you.

There is good in this world SW, and it flows to great people like you.

P.S. I do a great Elmo voice. :)


Puppy love :) Big grins! Don't think that's a "Tickle-Me-Elmo"...more like a "Love-Me-Til-It-Hurts" Elmo.

I talked to my kids this morning about your "challenge" to me...they're in like Flynn" (btw, who's Flynn??). When do you wanna write about it?




Aww, there is hope for the human race after all.


Hey Gal!!
Tagged you over to my place today, the 30th. I know you are on the road so whenever you get back.


:) Iam glad he is doing okay! He looks like he is enjoying his Elmo.

Susan in va

That has got to be the cutest picture I've ever seen! Funny Girl is here with me. She said, "That puppy is hugging Elmo?" Sweet, sweet puppy.

her indoors

glad to hear Junior is doing well, and glad that new elmos arrived for them its great knowing there are people who care x


Oooh how wonderful!
I bet your heart is just swelling:)

I'm happy your pup is responding to the chemo!


Happy dances for Junior and Bubba.


Great picture!!


There are some amazing and wonderful folks in blog land I think we are all so lucky to be able to meet like this... glad your baby is doing better!!!


Aw...Okay. In this case...Elmo is worth the money.


TO ALL: There is a chance that very few will be back here to read my reply, but just in case, here is an update on Junior.
He responded to two of the chemos, briefly.
The last time, there was no change for the better. We are taking all 3 dogs to OK with us for Christmas. We are hoping Junior has a good Christmas and makes it through the holidays.

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