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October 29, 2006


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hardy har har har har har...
I loved the conert virgin one, especially


The true ones are the ones refering to witches, werewolves, brooms and Harry Potter.

Karmyn R

If the Fantasy Fest on Miami's South Beach is true - I am EXPECTING numerous pictures please.

her indoors

the writing is too small for me to read, is this your new page? dod i delete the old page?


Holy Crap Swampy! Just because you can't read doesn't mean you have to make it hard for the rest of us!


LOL...truly inspired answers. I wouldn't be that funny or quick witted.
Thanks for the laugh today SW.


PAMELA: Yup, I'm on the phone to Ticketmaster now!

VANESSA: You guessed correctly on the ones I was serious about.

KARMYNR: Photos forthcoming sometime afer we arrive home in about a week.Don't know that this will be considered a 'Family Blog' any longer.

HER INDOORS: Sorry about the small print. This computer shows a much larger font. The old BloggerGoober blog will disappear sometime in the future.

DubYaT: Put your darn glasses on and quit whining.

PAM: Not quick-witted...just a smart arse.


What a great tag with a swampy flair!


A pot of coffee. Hee!

Better than a bottle of tequila.

Margarita (formerly known as lizziep901)

Dang those were funny! Concert virgin! And a loan for school!!.....I think i snorted on those.
Thanks for the giggles.

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